Frequently Asked Questions

Birthday Parties

Q. When is the deposit due?

A. We require a $50.00 deposit at time of booking. This deposit will come off your total bill the day of the party.

Q. How can I pay for my deposit?

A. You can pay with Visa or Master Card over the phone, or you can come in and pay cash

Q. What forms of payment are accepted for the party?

A. We accept Cash, Visa, or Master Card

Q. When do I pay for my party?

A. Your birthday host/hostess will ask for full payment before the end of your party. The initial deposit will be deducted from the final bill.

Q. When do I have to turn in my guest list?

A. The package is for the birthday child and up to 7 additional guests. We charge additional for guests over the 8 person package. The skating party package will also include admission and rental for up to 2 host parents. You are welcome to pay for additional guests. The maximum number allowed for a birthday party will depend on the specific day. However, if you are planning a larger party, you may want to consider a private birthday party.


Q. Why do I have to turn in a guest list?

A. We check all of the children in the door so that you are able to be with your guests that are already here, or if you arrive late we will let your guest in, and direct them to your table.

Q. Can I bring my own cake?

A. You may bring in a cake or cupcakes with a reserved birthday party only.

Q. Can I order additional pizzas or hot dogs for the party?

A. Yes. We can add any extra pizzas or food items to your bill, or you can purchase food separately at the cafe.


Q.Can I bring in food for the adults?

A. We do not allow any outside food or beverage. We do have food available to purchase in our cafe, or you can add food on to your bill through your waitress.

Q. If there are adults with the party that want to skate what would the charge be?

A. If they would like to skate it would be the admission price for the day plus skate or blade rental if needed. The skating party package will include admission and skate rental for up to 2 host parents.

Q. Adults attending the party not skating, is there a charge?

A. Adults who are bringing a child, but not skating will not be charged admission. All other adults would need a skating admission.

Q. Do we need to leave when our 2 hours at the party table is done?

A. No you are welcome to stay as long as we are open, however you will be asked to sit at a table in the general seating area before or after your table time.

Q. If we arrive late can we stay at the table longer?

A. No. We have reserved table space for you and your guests for a 2 hour time slot. At the end of this time slot we will need this space to accommodate additional guests. If you would like to stay longer we will need you to relocate you to the general seating area.

Q. Where do the adults sit during the party?

A. The table you are given is to accommodate the children at the party. The adults generally stand during the actual party time. Any additional table space would be charged as extra birthday guests.

Q. How much extra for inline skates with the birthday package?

A. The birthday package includes regular roller skates or inline style skates.

Q. What if I put 12 children on the guest list and only 8 check in?

A. We will only bill for the base birthday package which includes up to 8 people. We only charge extra for those that actually show up (more than 8 guests).

Q. When can I hold a birthday party?

A. All of our birthday parties are held during our public sessions. To see our hours please click on Schedule on the home page. Private birthday parties are also available, during all other times. For info and rates please contact us.

General Information


Q. What type of music do you play?

A. All of our music is geared for young children and families.

Q. What ages attend various days?

A. During regular business hours we are open to the public. Generally each day we have skaters of all ages. Years ago skating centers were a "teen age/high school hang out". Today we cater to mainly families and younger children.

Q. Is parent supervision required?

A. Parents are not required to stay with their children, but are welcome to stay and have some fun as well. The rink is always supervised: however, please remember this is not a day care facility.

Q. What is the Skate Zone?

A. The skate zone is a state-of-the-art roller skating and inline skating arena. The skating surface is an extremely smooth free-floating wood floor. This greatly reduces the stress and impact on joints which may result from skating on rough, uneven surfaces such as the outdoors. The skate zone is equipped with a concert quality sound system and intelligent special effect lighting. We provide live D.J. entertainment with exciting music and games during all sessions. Traditional roller skates and inline skates are available for rent or purchase. You may bring your own skates. 

Q. Is skating indoors safe?

A. One of the safest sports and recreational activities for kids of all ages is roller skating indoors! The Consumer Product Safety Commision has found roller skating twice as safe as a local playground and three times safer than a game of basketball or football.

Q. What is the Play Zone?

A. The Play Zone is a huge, indoor, multi-level playground. It is constructed with steel tubing and extremely high strength Gortex mesh. All surfaces are covered with safety protected padding as well as padded flooring. The Play Zone is clean, well-lit, sanitized and supervised. The Play Zone is filled with maze-like trails which lead to exciting activity stations including...rodeo room, pool swing, challenge path, magic carpet, stalagtite crawl and huge double slides! The Play Zone is a highly entertaining way to exercise. It promotes cardio, strength, agility, balance, coordination...and it's fun!! The Play Zone also has a padded toddler area for children up to 42" tall. The toddler room has padded cubes and props to play with. It even has it's own slide!


Q. What ages are allowed in the Play Zone?

A. It is for ages 10 and under.

Q. Can parents go into the Play Zone with their children?

A. Parents are not allowed in the Play Zone. We have staff supervision at all times. Parents can go into the toddler area with small children.

Q. Do children need to wear socks?

A. Yes, we do require that all children wear socks in the Play zone and when using our rental skates.


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