Wooddale Funzone is the perfect place for Scouts of all ages and interests. We offer a variety of activities that help build self esteem and encourage team work. Also our overnight events are the perfect way to host an indoor camp out during the cold winter months. Scouts will have the opportunity to work on badges/patches, learn the interesting history of roller skating as well as the principles of motion, speed, gravity and direction as they relate to math and science. We also offer Team Challenge events that focus on communicating well within a group, getting to know others, listening, and team work skills all while have tons of fun!


Tuesdays/Thursdays after 4:30pm, Saturdays from 4:30-6:30pm and on Sundays anytime after 4:30pm


Admission for 1 attraction (skate OR play zone)

2 Hours.........1-100 people..........$500.00 minimum

2 Hours.........101+ people...........$5.00 per person (Example: 101 people = $505.00)

2.5 Hours......1-100 people..........$600.00 minimum

2.5 Hours......101+ people..........$6.00 each person 

3 Hours.........1-100 people..........$700.00 

3 Hours.........101+ people...........$7.00 per person

Additional attractions (skate OR play zone)

Minimum of $75.00 for up to 25 people

26+ people.........$3.00 extra per person (Example: 30 people = $90.00 extra)

Roller skate rental is included in skate admission. Roller blades are an additional $4.00 to rent.

Game Token Package

100 tokens for $20.00 (You can purchase as many game token packages as you like!)

Team Challenge Events

You can choose any 1 of our team challenge events to add to your Skate or Play package. Team Challenge events are designed to improve communication, listening skills, and team work within a group setting. For a complete description of our team building events, please contact our events coordinator.

  • Build a bridge
  • 2 truths and a lie
  • Floor designs
  • Human knot
  • Replication
  • Who am I


1-100 people..........$1.00 per person

101+ people...........$1.50 per person


We offer 2 affordable meal package options for $4.50 per person...

  • 1 slice of Funzone pizza, bag of chips and a small soda
  • 1 all beef hot dog, bag of chips and small soda

A cake or cupcakes are allowed. No other outside food or beverage are allowed inside. All participants must wear socks. Each person is considered 1 admission whether they participate or not. 

For catering options, contact our event coordinator.

With several activities/attractions to choose from, great food options and a huge seating area, you are sure to keep everyone fed and happy during your event. We also have great features that are perfect for a scout event such as our big screen projector for photo presentations and cordless mic system for on floor announcements. Your event can include anything from skating only to a full slate of educational and fitness filled activities. Contact us to discuss options for your Scout event today!

Call 651-735-6214




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